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Alpha Juno-2 synthesizer

  This is an upgraded version of the Alpha Juno 1. It adds an extended 61 note keyboard with velocity
  and aftertouch and an external memory cartridge slot. Other than that it has the same great sound and
  features as the Juno 1. Sliders and buttons were replaced by membrane buttons and the Alpha Dial
  which is used to edit and browse through the extensive selection of parameters. The PG-300
  controller/programmer gives  you traditional-slider-control of each parameter for much easier and
  faster editing. It also has 64 presets and 64 user patches, a nice LCD display, an LFO capable of
  a very slow rate for some cool sweeping effects, and great bass (especially acid basslines) and noise
  effects! It also has chord memory (perfect for rave/techno), portamento and keyboard transposing.
  It is used by Vince Clarke Matt Megaton Haines, Paul Hardcastle, Massive Attack, Bomb the Bass,
  The Prodigy, Youth, Joey Beltram, Human Resource and Dorsal.

    Polyphony                  6 voices
    Oscillators                 Pulse, Sawtooth, Sub, noise waveforms
    Effects                       portamento, chord memory, transpose
    Memory                    64 User, 64 preset, 64 To External Cartridge
    VCA & VCF             Subtractive analog synthesis, analog filtering
    Keyboard                  61 note keyboard  (with velocity & aftertouch)
    Arpegg/Seq               NO
    Control                      MIDI
    Date                          1986
    $$$                            400