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   JX-8P polyphonic synthesizer

The JX-8P is a decent analog polysynth. It has 6 voices of polyphony, great MIDI  implementation and patch storage (as well as an external memory cartridge). The PG800 controller gives you total control of all it's editable parameters. It's 61 note keyboard is velocity and aftertouch sensitive. Just like the Juno synthesizers it uses DCO's for a very stable system, however  it's sounds are a little thin and bright. It also features portamentounsion and solo (monosynth) performance modes. The JX-8P also comes in a beefed up racmount version called the MKS-70. It is used by Biosphere, 808 State, Tangerine Dream, The Shamen, Depeche Mode, Uberzone and Dorsal.

    Polyphony                     6 voices
    Oscillators                    2 DCO's per voice (12 oscillators)
    Memory                        64 patches + External memory cartridges
    Effects                          Portamento
    VCA / VCF                   ADSR, standard VCF
    Keyboard                     61 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
    Arpegg/Seq                  NO
    Control                         Midi In/Out/thru
    Date                             1986
    $$$                               300 +