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   MC-303 Groovebox

  The original groovebox for dance/techno! It's got 303, 808, 909, Jupiter, and Juno sounds.
  It is a sequencer arranger and looks a lot like the original 303's and 808's... Not to mention it
  includes realtime Filter Cutoff, resonance, panning and arpeggiator. With this box alone you can
  become a techno music maker!!! It sounds pretty good and has an unbeatable price (about $700)!!!!

    Polyphony                      28 voices
    # of Tones                      448
    # of Drum Sets              12 (inc. 808, 909)
    # of Instruments            16 part multitimbral
    Effects                            Reverb, delay, chorus and flange
    Keyboard                       12 buttons
    Arpegg/Seq                    8 tracks, 10 songs, 120 presets patterns, 50 user, 200 RPS phrases
    Control                           MIDI
    Date                               1996
    $$$                                 700